Fall 2017 Signup – Closed

Our main application rounds have now closed. Positions may still be open after round 2 interviews are complete, or during the term if more people are needed. If you are interested in joining the team, apply below and you will be considered when positions open up.

IMPORTANT: All applicants must read theĀ Role Descriptions page for detailed descriptions of the Fall 2017 roles before applying.

WATonomous is the only student design team to be developing a fully autonomous vehicle, an engineering objective that is challenging for Tesla, GM, and Ford. There is no defined solution for an autonomous vehicle. This will be an experience that you will not be able to achieve on any other team or co-op job. Over $100,000 USD in funding, sensors, computing and most importantly, the Chevrolet Bolt Electric Vehicle are waiting for you to transform it into an autonomous vehicle. We require serious candidates that can prove their responsibility.

Do you like a challenge? What excites you about autonomous vehicles and WATonomous? What are your goals and something you want to get better at in 4 months? We can help you achieve these goals for your future co-op work placements, or even for side projects. Whatever it is you fancy, WATonomous is set on helping you achieve these goals. While we do prefer applicants with relevant technical experience, we put emphasis on people who can prove they are passionate self-learners, researchers, and a team player. Please tell us about your areas of interest and if your application is successful we will place you in a role best suited to you!

    See Role Descriptions page
  • Positions that are not in the dropdown were already filled in round 1.
  • Positions that are not in the dropdown were already filled in round 1.
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