How much time per week should I expect to commit?

For a core member: 7-8 hours per week on average.
For a subteam lead: 8-10 hours per week on average.
For a project manager: 10-15 hours per week on average.
We also expect all members to be consistently reachable through our communication platform, Discord.


I will not be in Waterloo, can I still be part of the team?

Students who are not in Waterloo are still welcome to apply. However, for most cases we expect Project Managers and Subteam leads to be in Waterloo since many tasks require leads to be available in-person.


When are the general meetings?

Our team now has internal team-wide meetings once a month, but attendees must be members of the team.


What is the work schedule like on WATonomous?

Each subteam meets at a minimum of once per week at a time and day decided upon by the subteam lead and their respective core members. However, we expect that subteams will meet more frequently than this and hold work sessions in order to complete tasks. Additionally, many subteams must coordinate with each other, and thus regular work sessions with other subteams are strongly encouraged.


If I am not on the team, can I attend any of the team’s meetings?

As per the competition rules, members who join our team must sign various NDAs and contracts from our competition sponsors before using our hardware or accessing any documents to avoid releasing confidential information. For this purpose, we restrict meetings to only WATonomous members.


I am in 1A, what is my chance for being accepted onto the team?

The number of school terms you have completed is not a requirement for our team. We are looking for a combination of related technical experience and team-oriented soft skills that you have built through extracurriculars, coops/internships, research, and course work. The stronger your technical skills and soft skills are, the stronger your application is.